Monday, June 18, 2001

Today's Drama

Today I'm suffering from Strange-Relationship-Itis.

You see, I recently endured a harsh breakup... It was a one-year type of thing, and all was going well until we moved in together. Then we had a never-ending drama. Still, I loved him dearly. So, after the move-out and break-up, I felt like I would never look at another man again. I thought I didn't want a relationship. I certainly wasn't looking for one. After all, I was still all torn up over Alex, and couldn't fathom moving on. I made this abundantly clear. And then he, too, made it clear he was having a hard time getting over me...but... He eliminated the chance of a re-hook-up and he eliminated the possibility of that delight--post-breakup-sex. So, I knew I had no shot at anything with him. Except a nice, strained "friendship".

Out of nowhere, I meet this guy (Grey) at work. Very nice, very sweet, and he asks me out. We have a great time, and it seems like we're in tune perfectly. Here I am, thinking he was probably about 10 years older than I am, which I like. THEN I find out that he is actually TWENTY years older than I am!!! So, I'm thinking to myself--man, this is SCREWED UP. I mean, my mother is only one year older than that! Part of me really felt something magical and special and part of me was screaming about how weird and wrong it was. My mother's boyfriend being younger than mine?? That's friggin' odd. So, I don't know what to do about Grey. I mean, I am an adult and on my own and I can make my own decisions, right?

Am I nuts, though? I mean, really?